Explosive force of rum


Roman Milostivy

RM is the author’s rum by Roman Milostivy. RM is a mixture of several Rums of the Caribbean region, which passes the final aging in Northern Italy in three types of barrels: acacia, Swiss oak and cherry. The strength of 56.8% is achieved due to the presence of ultra-strong rum. Due to use of several barrels rum gets a long pleasant aftertaste, and its flavors are revealed gradually.

We reflected the author's vision and the high strength of rum in the package design. To do this, we used the bomb symbol in the title and added a dictionary article to the label which conveys the author's definition of rum. Each bottle is unique and is signed by the author.

In the packaging design we tried to reflect the author’s approach and unusual strength of rum. For this purpose we used a symbol of a bomb in the title which also helped us to reflect the name of the drink, and placed a dictionary article with author’s definition of rum. Each bottle is limited edition and is signed by the author.

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